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5 Ways to Influence What Your Child Wears

Dripping off the momentum with our last post on values (including USA Today), I have been discerning a topic that is a constant battle of firmness and conversation in my […]


What would Yoda do?

I am a fan of wise Master Yoda from the first Star Wars trilogies.  By fan I must stipulate that I grew up watching the movies, wearing the costumes and […]


The Sweat of Parenting

When I chat with my friends and compare notes, I am often amazed at the wisdom that every parent achieves both proactively and reactively to their kids. Most parents are […]

Red Light

Run the Red, Run the Risk

If I was a red light camera, these would be the people I would be telling you about when I came home from work: The Night-clubber: It was like a […]



I think about how much time I spent face-to-face with friends growing up, and I wonder if that is going to happen at the same level of intimacy with our […]


The Pluralist Generation – “Plurals”

“When I was your age”, “Back in my day” and “that is so old school” are all phrases we have heard or used. All generations grow up with different beliefs […]

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Potty Rockin.. in the House Tonight

It is ironic that writing a blog about being with your family, takes you away from your family… Unless… it is written after they all go to bed.  – Case […]


Inventions due in 2013

Do you ever sit down and all of a sudden think to yourself, “Holy Toledo Batman, I should invent that and  I would make a fortune!  Why hasn’t that been […]

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